Explore Bokor Mountain National Park

Bokor mountain is a 1,000 metre high plateau that lies 37km west of Kampot. First populated by French colonial residents in the 1920s, it was abandoned until 2009 when a new road was built. A local conglomerate has constructed a new hotel and casino on top of the mountain, but it retains many of its attractive features including old French colonial architecture and natural attractions.

Bokor Hill Station

In the 1920s the French colonists in Cambodia constructed a collection of buildings atop the mountain as a luxury retreat for the European residents to escape from the heat. The most famous building is the now renovated hotel casino, but some buildings have been left in their original state such as the catholic church. Sadly some buildings including the original post office were deemed unsafe and destroyed.

Bokor Mountain Weather

The climate on top of Bokor mountain is distinctly cooler than at sea level. While temperatures on the flat lands of Kampot can reach mid to high 30s at the hottest times of year, taking a short drive up the mountain can see temperatures plummet to mid 20s or lower. The mountain is often covered in fog and mist, giving a unique climate in Cambodia and a refreshing respite from the searing heat. Many visitors to Kampot enjoy the novelty of the cooler temperatures up Bokor mountain.

Things to do in Bokor Mountain National Park

One of the main attractions is Popokvil waterfall. A large waterfall that is very dramatic in the rainy season, but dries up almost entirely in the dry season. Be careful getting too close if it is wet, but when the water is low it is possible to cross the river and climb down to the lower level to watch the cascade from below.

Another place to visit on Bokor Mountain is Wat Sampov Pram. This Cambodian Buddhist temple sits on a cliff edge and makes for a stunning view – if the weather allows.

Halfway up the mountain you will encounter the giant Yeay Mao statue by the road, which holds significance in Cambodian Buddhism and is a frequent stop for blessings on the way to the top.

The winding road to Bokor mountain is one of Cambodia’s most enjoyable and spectacular drives, and the attractions at the top will easily fill a day trip from Kampot. Just contact our team if you are interested in visiting Bokor Mountain National Park during your stay in Kampot.


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