Day Trip to Kep Beach

A day trip to neighbouring Kep province is also a must for any visitor to Kampot. A short 25km drive will take you to the seaside town of Kep, famed for its pepper crab which is a must try.

Kampot Pepper Crab

Kep’s most famous dish is pepper crab. A dish of freshly caught crab fried with green Kampot Pepper. Alongside the waterfront crab market you will find an abundance of restaurants cooking up seafood and the famous crab fried with green peppercorns – picked fresh from the locally grown Kampot Pepper. Order a large plate and share, but don’t wear your best white shirt – cracking the crab shells to extract the meat gets a bit messy.

Kep Beach

Take a swim in the sea or lounge at Kep beach and enjoy the natural surroundings. The beachfront road has countless places to sit down, order food, and take in the relaxed atmosphere. If you opt to take a swim there are public showers right by the beach where for a small fee you can rinse off afterwards. The water is generally clean and is pleasant to swim in.

Rabbit Island

If you are staying a little longer you can also take a day trip by boat to the pristine waters and beaches of Rabbit Island. Just turn up at the ferry port past the beach and find a boat to take you over to the island, they will bring you back later that day.

Kep National Park

Kep National Park is a forested hillside area overlooking the coast, and is growing popular for walking in the natural environment. The hiking trails are well signposted and easy to follow, but be prepared to spend a sweaty few hours navigating your way.

You can enjoy your day out in Kep from your base here at Castle Bayview resort. If you don’t have your own transport just ask us to help arrange a day trip for you.

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