Booyoung Town

Castle Bayview is are capable and trustworthy of bringing our project vision to live. They understand what we are trying to accomplish. The advice, reports and consultancy they have provided have been gratefully received by our team locally and in South Korea with our head office complimenting the professionalism and expertise they continually provide.  They are very knowledgeable in the domain of shopping centres in Phnom Penh. We have depended on their local expertise and benefitted from the experience and consultancy advice delivered by their team. We are pleased and happy with all the works Simon Griffiths and his team continue to deliver so be able to successfully execute our project until its completion.

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Big Tree Community Mall

Castle Bayview has undertaken retail tenant surveys, demographics studies, research and design consultancy for us.  They have worked with our architects and advanced our understanding of the needs of our project.  Their advice and guidance at the design stage has been of great value and we appreciate their work and effort and are grateful to have been able to find such a company and service in Cambodia.  We look forward to working with Castle Bayview in the future on various scopes and projects and highly recommend them for anyone requiring professional retail real estate services.

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Train Square

We are very satisfied with selecting Castle Bayview.  They are a great company to work with and experts in the retail real estate sector.  Train Square is a unique place in Phnom Penh and we are glad to have found a company that offers a fully integrated services and works hard to fulfil our vision. To renovate this iconic train station, Castle Bayview has advised on the concept, tenant mix, design, rents and found tenants who are ready to sign. They have gone above and beyond their scope and duties to bring our vision forward. Castle Bayview is flexible regarding the ongoing challenges as well as being adaptable on our requirements. They listen to our needs and are responsive to our project goals.

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WB Arena

Since first conceptualising the vision for WB Arena, Castle Bayview has been with us to bring this to project to life.  They have signed over 60 tenants and continue to bring new and exciting tenants each week as well as organizing events that are making WB Arena famous.  Their management is professional, high quality and ensures high standards while further enhancing the landscaping and beauty of the project.  We are always pleased with the services provided by Castle Bayview. We truly appreciate the management you provide on the improvements you continue to bring. Simon Griffiths and his team have been very supportive and proactive. Castle Bayview has proved their commitment to making our project successful and continue to do so and we are grateful for their continued support and services.

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The Bridge Lifestyle Mall

Castle Bayview are reliable and professional with all team members dedicated to their roles and performing their tasks.  Castle Bayview has signed over 10,000 sq.m of leases and are now working on launching the mall and driving footfall.  We thank them for all their hard work and devotion to The Bridge, they are a trusted partner and we look forward to a continuing and expanding relationship with them in the years to come.

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